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First camera was a Brownie Starmite received as a Christmas present at about Age 16. That started my long affection for photography. Began using a 35mm while in college. Initially with an old Casca. Learned B&W darkroom methods on a Bessler Enlarger and "smelly" chemistry. Next camera was a Yashica Electro. What a great camera for the day. For a few years operated a side business as sole proprietor of Gem-In-Eye Video & Photo. Worked as a private contract wedding videographer for an associate photographer.
With initial reluctance, switched from Kodachrome 35 mm film to Panasonic Lumix Digital imaging. Wow!!! One trip and I never looked back at film. I love digital. Am now shooting with a Canon 60 D which was a retirement present from me to me. Best Regards to all.

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