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Horned Puffins - about 2 years ago

Horned Puffins nesting on Duck Island, Cook Inlet, Alaska


Coastal Brown Bears - about 2 years ago

Coastal Brown Bears of Lake Clark National Park, Alaska
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Ballet of Light (the Aurora Borealis) - over 2 years ago

"Aurora Borealis" or "The Northern Lights" , whatever you call it, it is amazingly beautiful--dancing, singing, and illuminating the sky.
All pho...


Delicate - almost 4 years ago

Delicate Arch at Arches National Park, Moab, Utah. Photographed under differing lighting conditions from sunset , through moon set, and the Milky ...


OWLS - about 4 years ago

A collection of owls, young and old, nesting and in flight. They include the Great Horned Owl, the Barn Owl, the Snowy Owl, the Spotted Owl, the ...


Nighttime Displays - about 4 years ago

Nighttime Displays-the time between dusk and dawn. All of the photos in this display were taken between sunset and sunrise, moonrise and moonset, ...


Aesthetic Enjoyment - over 5 years ago

An autumn journey to the magnificent Grand Tetons.
“Fresh beauty opens one’s eyes where ever it is really seen, but the very abundance and complete...


Ice Bears - over 5 years ago

Ursus Maritimus--the Ice Bears of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.