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I took photography in high school 30 some years ago and had a cheap sears pentax mount slr (film) and acquired 4 lenses and filters etc. I thought I had a pretty good eye but failed to apply myself. Too busy doing things I should'nt have been doing. Now an old man at 48 I puchased a Nikon D5000 in 2010 which is a great camera but feel the need to upgrade already. I have refound a lost love, and look at the world now as if I was looking thru the lens.One thing photography does for you is to teach you to slow down and really see everything in more detail, things most people miss completely. and how I can capture an image to bring out it's very best, maybe to move someone or to make them have deep thought. There is so much to learn in photography and wished i could go back in time and apply myself to this art. Most of all I find when camera is in hand that is when I'm happiest, walking and exploring and more importantly noticing God's handiwork.

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