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Michael C. Snell - over 2 years ago

Tamron Image Master Michael C. Snell travels through Spain with his two favorite Tamron lenses. Visit the streets of Murcia via Michael's MyPhotoEx...


Jonathan Thorpe - over 2 years ago

Tamron Image Master Jonathan Thorpe always gets creative when photographing portraits. For these types of shoots he relies Tamron's SP 90mm F/2.8 V...


Monica Royal- Macro - over 2 years ago

Tamron Image Master Monica Royal uses MyPhotoExhibits as a showcase for her favorite photographs taken with her Tamron 90mm macro lens!


Ultra-Wide and Tele Zoom Lenses - about 7 years ago

Among the favorite lenses of landscape, architectural and art photographers, wide-angle zooms deliver a fresh perspective that spices up any pictur...


Macro Lenses - about 7 years ago

Matchless performance, plus extreme close-up capability.

These exquisite prime lenses provide extraordinary performance in the extreme close-up ...


Fast Zoom Lenses - about 7 years ago

For low light and optimum image control.

With their wide F/2.8 apertures, these superb high-speed zooms let you take natural-looking pictures ha...


Macro How-To - about 7 years ago

For truly professional macro photographs, try to visualize an unusual aspect of your subject before releasing the shutter. Visualization will come ...


Portrait How-To - about 7 years ago

A great portrait should convey something about the person being photographed. It is one thing to have a technically well-exposed image or expert li...