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I am from Pennsville NJ and the director of the Salem County Art League Photography Group. I have a wide experience with photography, starting from the age of eight. My Dad bought me my first camera that got me started it was a polaroid camera and was amazed I could see the image develop right before my eye's. however I could also see my mistakes witch I could then make corrections. However the film was very expensive and the photos even when you applied the developer faded after time. So I decided to get an SLR camera it was the original company that is now Nikon today. I got a paper rout to pay for my film and my Dad would pay for the developing. By the time I was 13 I started to develop an eye for landscape photography, wildlife and pets. I joined a photography club in high school. I started to take a deep interest in photographing almost anything. As I matured I learned how to do my own developing in my darkroom my Dad helped me put together. I spent many hours in my darkroom to get the effect I wanted in the developing of my photo's. In 1986 when I moved back to New Jersey from California my camera equipment was stolen flying back. I didn't have a job yet so my Photography was put on a shelf till 2001 when I restarted my photography craving. I only had a point and shoot Nikon but for the time it was ok. In 2012 I started to get my current Camera equipment that I have put together. I now have 2 canon body's a 70D and 5D Mark 3 with about 8 lenses that I use on my shoots. I am doing weddings and landscape photos along with some sports events with my grandchildren. I enjoy my photography and share it with other photographers to help them improve. my trade mark is Creating Art Thru The Len's

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