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Click on name to read full bio. Growing up with an artist/ photographer dad, creativity in the Arts was in my blood. In my 1st career as a dancer/actress/singer, I performed around the U.S.A., Nova Scotia, Mexico & Japan. While performing in Acapulco 35 years ago, I found the locale so gorgeous that I HAD to get better photos than an Instamatic (remember those-ha!)could deliver. There I was with all these shapely fellow dancers and all day free to capture them in a tropical paradise. It was a great place to learn my craft. The photo bug bit me right away. What started as a hobby, became a passion, then an obsession and then a business!" Entertainers' Publicity, Portraits and Glamor/ Boudoir Makeovers were my specialties. I loved helping people feel beautiful, look fabulous, have fun and receive flattering images of themselves. My motto was "I make friends, not just clients." Small home studios in Vegas & Reno, led to opening a full-service studio (with residence upstairs) in Nashville. Later, a series of burglaries forced its closure & I had to move to protect my life. Financially and emotionally devastated, I went on to manage two photo labs and improved my Color knowledge and Printing abilities. In '98, I began a love affair with Photoshop. In 2000, I moved across the country to assist a Composer in L.A.(and later served as the right hand gal to a top Film Music agent), utilizing my 16 years of early musical training. In 2006, I got my first dSLR (Canon)and Tamron lens. After decades of people photography, the subjects of architecture, nature and travel drew me to them. The last 10 years have been a struggle for me. Over the last 3, I've become disabled (9 diseases - 2 rare, no treatment or cure)so my photo work has slowed down. But no matter how challenging my life or health gets, I aim to stay as creative as possible and continue to mentor others with their artistic dreams. Stay creative, doll! My profile pic is an old one (when I still had hair)in my Nashville studio - The Artiste at Work.

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