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storygoround by Carey

Every picture has a story, but sometimes they can be knit together to tell a brand-new story.


Photos by carrieschelmety


Malta Doors & Windows by Stacie E

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, I find myself shooting these little works of art. They are not shy and I'm not shy shooting them!


Visit to The Matterhorn by Stacie E

In July 2010, I had the good fortune to take a side trip with my colleagues to see the Matterhorn in Switzerland. The weather was wonderful and the view was amazing.


Travel with Tamron Lenses by John Prenevost

Tamron travels the world by John Prenevost


Fire Island Lighthouse by Stacie E

For decades, the first evidence of land for travelers crossing the vast Atlantic Ocean from Europe was the Fire Island Lighthouse. Completed in 1858 near the site of its 1826 predecessor, the curre...


Buddhist Vegetarian by Stacie E

Shojin Ryori: Type of vegetarian cooking introduced into Japan together with Buddhism in the 6th century. Shojin is a Buddhist term that refers to asceticism in pursuit of enlightenment, and ryori ...


Princeton, NJ by Dave