Still Life Exhibits

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Mostly Black & White (2) by Allen


Mostly Black & White by Allen

Exhibited at the 220 Gallery, NYC


Sephia #1 by Ants Perspective

A few sephia photos that I have taken over the past couple months, my camera is my side kick and any object is my villain. I shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot some more. As always the refreshments are ...


Smoke and Mirrors by J Ruth

These images where taken of smoke trails from matches.


Phoenix Project by J Ruth

These images are of machinery that was in a 3 alarm fire. They where part of a foundry that made massive machine parts. The fire was so engulfing that the roof collapsed and left the machinery e...


Flora by Teague

Inspired by Terry L, Don G. and Sandra N. :)


iPhone Commute by Teague

As much as I love to shoot, there are too many times my trusty SLR is out of reach. Having a camera in my phone has allowed me opportunities to shoot whenever the light tickles my fancy.
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