Photojournalism Exhibits

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Florida Championship Rodeo, Arcadia, FL by Florida Guy

Fall rodeo held in Arcadia, Florida.


old YMCA implosion by James E. Mincks

photos taken on the morning of Oct. 4th, 2015, at the demolition of the old YMCA building, 100 W Locust Street, in Des Moines, Iowa.


Daytona/Ormond Beach by Florida Guy

These images were taken at Ormond and Daytona Beach, Florida late August, 2015.


Ellis County Farm by pdsdville

This was a county farm where prisoners were used to work the crops. It was in use for quite a few years. There is a cemetery at the back of the farm with 79 graves marked only with pipes painted w...


Destin, Florida by HoangAnh


Outdoors by Timothy Allen

These images represent some of my interest in outdoor activities. That includes searching for interesting signs and objects. I started this exhibit July 29 and purchased my Tamron lens June 17, 201...


Garden Photos from Europe by SaraF


Nights in Europe by HaleyHansen.8

Photographs from my Europe photography class in 2015. What an adventure! Night shots were my favorite.