Macro Exhibits

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Blend by Teague

A photographic potpourri of stuff from the studio and around the house.


70-300 Tamron by Jon Sienkiewicz

All photos taken with a Tamron SP AF70-300 F4-5.6 Di VC USD (Model A005).


Florals by Terry L


Buddhist Vegetarian by Stacie E

Shojin Ryori: Type of vegetarian cooking introduced into Japan together with Buddhism in the 6th century. Shojin is a Buddhist term that refers to asceticism in pursuit of enlightenment, and ryori ...


Tiny Landscapes by Mike Moats

Mike Moats - Tiny Landscapes


Macro Lenses by Tamron

Matchless performance, plus extreme close-up capability.

These exquisite prime lenses provide extraordinary performance in the extreme close-up (macro) range down to 1:1 (life-size) at the image...


Macro How-To by Tamron

For truly professional macro photographs, try to visualize an unusual aspect of your subject before releasing the shutter. Visualization will come naturally with practice as you experiment with a v...


New York Botanical Garden by Dave

The New York Botanical Garden is a museum, an educational institution, a scientific research organization, and a great place to get some wonderful photographs of exotic plants and flowers.