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Not Far From Home by Chad

It was just this past June that my family and I went on vacation in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This is where I made a debut of my photography skills, to see what I could accomplish. My wor...


Capturing 4th of July and Summer Festivities by Mom-to-Mom

Summer is filled with tons of BBQs, pool parties, baseball games, and fireworks. Photographing summertime fun is always exciting but can be tricky when dealing the bright sun or night time activiti...


Tamron Photo Scavenger Hunt by lauraannette

Photos of the 14 clues in the Tamron Photo Scavenger Hunt contest.


Tamron Photo Scavenger Hunt by Dancedw

Tamron Photo Scavenger Hunt


Tamron Photo Scavenger Hunt by SPphoto

14 photos based on the clues given. Enjoy!


Tamron Photo Scavenger Hunt by brenda.dann

I have completed my entries for the Tamron Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest. I see some fantastic competition photos and really enjoy seeing the interpretations of the clues. What a great contest! I go...


Kids Portraits by Studio G

Kids Portraits


Tamron Photo Scavenger Hunt by gale.miko.5

This is an Exhibit of fourteen scavenger hunt clues from a variety of locations, people and animals. Enjoy the view.