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Around Connecticut by ptfranzis

Some images from my backyard and around the state.


Indoor/ Outdoor Candid Photos by Mom-to-Mom

There are many ways to capture a great candid photo. This month's the Mom to Mom exhibit demonstrates creative composition ideas, lighting, speed and some extra tips to go unnoticed during the shoo...


Photo tour of Yale University, New Haven, CT by ptfranzis

Enjoy some frames I shot on a beautiful fall November day in Connecticut.

All shot with my Tamron 17-50 2.8


Tamron Garden Macro Contest by freda.nichols1

Nature up close in my garden. These photos were taken with my Canon 60D. I enjoy nature photography.


Tamron Garden Macro Contest by Meg

To wish dream and fly under the lens.


Side Trips by Chad

Not two weeks after our trip to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where we also visited Sunset Beach at Bird Island, North Carolina, my family and I took two small trips. One was to Toe River Cam...


Tamron Garden Macro Contest by J Hilliard

A collection of plants, berries, and a garden gnome (of sorts).


by dveeckhoutte