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iPhone Commute by Teague

As much as I love to shoot, there are too many times my trusty SLR is out of reach. Having a camera in my phone has allowed me opportunities to shoot whenever the light tickles my fancy.
Join m...


Shots around the country by Rick Bassett

San Diego At Night


Vegas 2010 by Jim George

Walking around Las Vegas in 105 Degree temperature with my Tamron 18-270.


Malta Doors & Windows by Stacie E

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, I find myself shooting these little works of art. They are not shy and I'm not shy shooting them!


Fire Island Lighthouse by Stacie E

For decades, the first evidence of land for travelers crossing the vast Atlantic Ocean from Europe was the Fire Island Lighthouse. Completed in 1858 near the site of its 1826 predecessor, the curre...


Princeton, NJ by Dave


Random Captures by Jeanne


England ’08 by Dave