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Naturalist by Emily W

I shot these photos in the spring time about an hour outside Jacksonville, FL. Let’s just call it the middle of nowhere. But once you arrive, you are in the middle of everything. Shade was plentifu...


Learning to Capture Light by Ed Heaton

"Learning to Capture Light will make extraordinary images from ordinary subjects"! Each of the images displayed here were made in the 2010 calendar year from various locations around the east coas...


Travels by Bert


Random Captures by Jeanne


England ’08 by Dave


Yosemite by Dave


Switzerland 2005 by Jeanne

We vacationed in Switzerland a few years back. Horrible weather (see Luzerne pic) did not deter us from visiting many areas and snapping many photos.


Macro How-To by Tamron

For truly professional macro photographs, try to visualize an unusual aspect of your subject before releasing the shutter. Visualization will come naturally with practice as you experiment with a v...