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All-In-One Zoom Lenses by Tamron

Tamron all-in-one zoom lenses represent the ultimate in shooting flexibility. These extraordinary wide-to-long-telephoto zoom lenses come close to the ideal of a “universal lens”, providing maximum...


The Gates by Keith

The Gates was a site-specific work of art by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The artists installed 7,503 vinyl "gates" along 23 miles of pathways in Central Park in New York City. From each gate hung a ...


Landscapes by Ken

Traveling extensively throughout the United States gave me the chance to truly appreciate the expressive potential and beauty of landscape photography. The results were a consistent output of breat...


Tour of Japan by Andre

Festivals and cultural events and landmarks are great places to get images. Some of these images were taken at these and some around everyday places in Tokyo, Kyoto and Sadogashima Island.


New York Botanical Garden by Dave

The New York Botanical Garden is a museum, an educational institution, a scientific research organization, and a great place to get some wonderful photographs of exotic plants and flowers.


Mt. Hope Cemetery by Dave

A walk through historic Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY, in the fall of 2009.