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England ’08 by Dave


Yosemite by Dave


Switzerland 2005 by Jeanne

We vacationed in Switzerland a few years back. Horrible weather (see Luzerne pic) did not deter us from visiting many areas and snapping many photos.


Macro How-To by Tamron

For truly professional macro photographs, try to visualize an unusual aspect of your subject before releasing the shutter. Visualization will come naturally with practice as you experiment with a v...


Portrait How-To by Tamron

A great portrait should convey something about the person being photographed. It is one thing to have a technically well-exposed image or expert lighting but it is another to capture a unique visio...


All-In-One Zoom Lenses by Tamron

Tamron all-in-one zoom lenses represent the ultimate in shooting flexibility. These extraordinary wide-to-long-telephoto zoom lenses come close to the ideal of a “universal lens”, providing maximum...


The Gates by Keith

The Gates was a site-specific work of art by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The artists installed 7,503 vinyl "gates" along 23 miles of pathways in Central Park in New York City. From each gate hung a ...


Landscapes by Ken

Traveling extensively throughout the United States gave me the chance to truly appreciate the expressive potential and beauty of landscape photography. The results were a consistent output of breat...