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Smoke and Mirrors by J Ruth

These images where taken of smoke trails from matches.


Phoenix Project by J Ruth

These images are of machinery that was in a 3 alarm fire. They where part of a foundry that made massive machine parts. The fire was so engulfing that the roof collapsed and left the machinery e...


Portraits by Teague

Although I find portraits to be the most challenging photographs I take, they are also the most fun and rewarding.


Flora by Teague

Inspired by Terry L, Don G. and Sandra N. :)


iPhone Commute by Teague

As much as I love to shoot, there are too many times my trusty SLR is out of reach. Having a camera in my phone has allowed me opportunities to shoot whenever the light tickles my fancy.
Join m...


Blend by Teague

A photographic potpourri of stuff from the studio and around the house.


Shots around the country by Rick Bassett

San Diego At Night


National Parks by Ken

America's National Parks