Underwater Macro life, Philippines

by Wendy Capili

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1cm shrimp found at Atlantis reef, Panglao Bohol (90mm tamron macro)
Cow fish

Cow fish

A timid Cow Fish, Bohol Philippines (90mm tamron macro)
Anemone fish eggs

Anemone fish eggs

You can see the tiny eyes! 90mm Tamron macro


Soft corals (90mm Tamron macro)
Porcelain Crab

Porcelain Crab

At Atlantis reef, Panglao Bohol Philippines (90mm Tamron macro)
I see You!

I see You!

Shy false clown anemone fish, Panglao Bohol (90mm Tamron macro)
ornate ghost pipefish

ornate ghost pipefish

So beautiful! Kalipayan, Bohol (90 mm tamron macro)


white-eyed moray with cleaner wrasse. Kalipayan, Bohol (90mm tamron macro)
Just hanging out

Just hanging out

Porcelain crab, Kalipayan Bohol (90mm tamron macro)


wire coral gobies, together. Kalipayan, Bohol. (90mm tamron macro)

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I love diving, and i i love taking underwater pictures. I use my tamron 90mm to capture amazing underwater critters.

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The Philippines is very rich in underwater macro life. It is a joy to go diving and capture all the weird and wonderful creatures that i see in every dive. These pictures were captured last May 2011 during our honeymoon at Bohol, Philippines. I used a Nikon D80 with the tamron 90mm macro, which is a very sharp lens. It is well recommended for underwater use.
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  • shrimp
  • Cow fish
  • Anemone fish eggs
  • Delicate
  • Porcelain Crab
  • I see You!
  • ornate ghost pipefish
  • smile!
  • Just hanging out
  • together

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d.e. bosley, jr.



series of interesting and engaging shot.. nice work



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