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Orange Gates

Orange Gates

Thousands of bright orange torri gates make up this shrine in Kyoto. Depending on the location of the sun they can look as though they are illuminated.
Above Tokyo

Above Tokyo

The ceiling created the perfect neutral density to see the city.


From a cultural festival on the island of Sadogashima.
Flowers and Wheel

Flowers and Wheel

Ferris Wheel with flowers in Springtime in Tokyo.
Drum Festival

Drum Festival

Girl dressed in traditional clothes for drum festival.
Lit Temple

Lit Temple

Lit temple and moon in Kyoto. Early evening is the best time to get the lights and still some sky detail.
Island Sun

Island Sun

Iconic "Rising Sun" over ocean and rice fields.


Participants of the Sanja Festival held in Tokyo in May at the Asakusa Shrine.


If you find a nice background you can spend some time photographing whomever steps into your frame.
Business as Usual

Business as Usual

The hustle and bustle of Tokyo.
Children in the Garden

Children in the Garden

School children photograph in a Zen Garden.
Paper Umbrella

Paper Umbrella

Bright color and the little tear give this power and fragility simultaneously.
  • Orange Gates
  • Above Tokyo
  • Dragon
  • Flowers and Wheel
  • Drum Festival
  • Lit Temple
  • Island Sun
  • Parade
  • Passerby
  • Business as Usual
  • Children in the Garden
  • Paper Umbrella

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Tour of Japan

by Andre

Festivals and cultural events and landmarks are great places to get images. Some of these images were taken at these and some around everyday places in Tokyo, Kyoto and Sadogashima Island.

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Guestbook for “Tour of Japan”

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Fred Brown

Great color in Rising Sun.


Károly Pató

Very good photos.



d.e. bosley, jr.



Beautiful works



Andre I have Traveled all over Japan Unfortunately I did not own a camera back then. i like the raw un-staged look of your images. they capture the essence of the intrinsic beauty of the Japanese culture and citys. Thank you


Craig Jentink

Wonderful selection and quality of images, Andre. Very nice work.


Maggie Molino

This a very unique point of view. Excellent photograph!


Barbara McCahill

Beautiful shots. Lots of different perspectives and subjects.


Ants Perspective

I am Japanese so always love Asian photography, nice shots!!


Andre Costantini is a photographer and artist currently residing in New York. Assignments have brought him as far east as Japan and as far west as Germany as well as all throughout the United States.

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