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"Evening Shadows"

I was enjoying Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago when I saw this opportunity. So I waited until she was positioned between my lens and the setting sun. I love it. Best printed on aluminum or acrylic.


"Stabroek Market" Georgetown Guyana

The market was designed and constructed by the Edgemoor Iron Company of Delaware, USA over the period 1880-1881. Construction of the iron and steel structure was completed in 1881 and may be the oldest structure still in use in the city. Watercolor paper or canvas.

"Casino Royale Lights"

Neon lights are always beautiful and decorative. Maho Beach, St. Maarten, Dutch Antilles. Aluminum or metallic paper.
I Shall Return

I Shall Return

This is the Veterans' Memorial in the city of Virginia Beach. May they all rest in peace. This picture was taken in 2007 but its significance became more meaningful to me after I emerged from one of the Cui Chi tunnels in Vietnam during a visit there in 2015. Best displayed on aluminum or acrylic.

"Secrets Dinner for Two"

What a brilliant way to bring back those memories of each other . . a vacation to remember at Secrets Resort, Jamaica. Metallic paper, aluminum or acrylic.
My Valentine Forever

My Valentine Forever

Bouganvillia flowers with reflection on glass. As a Guyanese I would prefer the local flower for my valentine. Best printed on watercolor paper.

"Orange Flame"

"If you let the flower glow you will see the light of love." This is an image of a magnolia flower just beginning to bloom.

"Rose of Deception"

This digital file was edited to emphasize the separation of the colors of the petals then the image was placed on a black background to give it a richer look. Watercolor paper, Aluminum or luster paper.

"Remembering Sheila"

When the "Black Sage" flower blossoms, the ants will surely come. I recently learned that the Indo-Guyanese referred to these as 'cocoa channa'.

"A Whole New World"

It was summertime in New Zealand so this exposed granite river bed in the Southern Alps provided a spectacular view.

"Flickering Daylight"

"Always enjoy the daylight for the night is ahead of us." Table decor, glasses and the setting sun.

"Rainbow for Entertainment"

These glasses were standing on a table outdoors with the reflecting light of the setting sun. Now this outdoor setting can be brought indoors to enhance your wall. Aluminum or acrylic.

"A Tear Fell"

Dew drops on the leaves of a plant captured while photographing a flower garden in Jamaica. It was early in the morning. While working on this image, the words of that song came to mind. Best printed on watercolor paper.
  • "Evening Shadows"
  • untitled
  • "Stabroek Market" Georgetown Guyana
  • "Casino Royale Lights"
  • I Shall Return
  • "Secrets Dinner for Two"
  • My Valentine Forever
  • "Orange Flame"
  • "Rose of Deception"
  • "Remembering Sheila"
  • "A Whole New World"
  • "Flickering Daylight"
  • "Rainbow for Entertainment"
  • "A Tear Fell"

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Just Your Imagination

by rexlucas

The camera is my canvas and the software are my brushes. When we all get together the universe becomes boundless.

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