Travel/Vacation Exhibits

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Sam Klaers Scenic Tour by Samuel W. Klaers

This exhibit showcase some of the Scenic shots i was able to get while on the 2017 Photo-study tour. We went to major cities such as London, Paris and Edinburgh.


Buildings of Europe by Samantha

Here are a few buildings of London, Paris, and Scotland.


In the Shadow of Giants by Sand Man

The exhibition glimpses a few of the monoliths that loom large over Europe and its history.


Street to Street by Sand Man

Street to Street sheds new light on the streets across the United Kingdom.


Entrance to Europe by Kelly Brusven


PIKMIN by theotaku1


the wildlife by J Money


LEANING TOWER of PISA by mikedidi46

My morning visiting the Leaning Tower and the town of PISA. Easter Sunday 2017. The inside of the Cathedral was majestic, and so was the old wall that surrounded the town. The brick building, was t...