Deep Shots

Underwater Photography from the Florida Keys and Mexico

Jeckyll Island

Jeckyll Island is one of Georgia's Golden Isles and contains a magnificent location for photographing sunrise. The northern portion of the island is eroding into the Atlantic ocean creating a seascape littered with the skeletons of Georgia's State Tree the Live Oak. These mas…

How do you get your kids to smile?

How do you get your kids to smile?

The moms are here with this month's exhibit "How do you get your kids to smile?" We hope our photos inspire you and that our tips help you to get better photos of your kids.

Happy shooting!

Hollie, Janet, Jeanne, Lynd…

Travel Photography

Photos from travels. All taken with a Tamron 18-270 VC.

Phoenix Project

These images are of machinery that was in a 3 alarm fire. They where part of a foundry that made massive machine parts. The fire was so engulfing that the roof collapsed and left the machinery exposed to the elements for several month before I started photographing there. …

Art from La-defense

All photo's made with my iphone4.
They are details of bigger artwork in la-defense paris.


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